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Workshops & Retreats

The talks below are freely available. All files are in .mp3 format - you can play them on your computer, iPod, or other .mp3 player. To download, right-click (or Control-click on the Mac) and select "Save As" or "Save Target As."

Date Title Length
12/31/2010 New Year's Retreat - Friday Evening Talk: Minting Gold - Embodying the Awakened Heart - Our core conditioning expresses as both a longing for love and the pain of not trusting we are loveable. This talk explores how we create the experience of separation, and the key meditative heart- trainings that lead us to realizing and living from the truth of our connectedness.
12/29/2010 New Year's Retreat - Wednesday Evening Talk: The Path of Transformation
Awakening arises out of presence with the changing ground of our lives. This talk explores three key gateways to liberating presence: forgiveness, inner fire (aspiration) and a deep inquiry into the nature of our own mind.

2009-06-13 Daylong with Rick Hanson and Tara Brach in Bethesda, MD
"The Neurodharma of Love - Using Brain Science and Buddhist Wisdom to Illuminate the Heart of Important Relationships"

Rick is a psychologist, author, and teacher at the intersection of psychology, neurology, and contemplative practice. For more information and neurodharma resources, go to His book - Buddha's Brain: The New Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom - will be published this October.Each recording includes teaching talks, guided meditations and question/response times. They are presented in order as the day progressed - 9am to 5pm.
06/13/2009 Part 1 - The Mind and the Brain 1:25:40
06/13/2009 Part 2 - Being for Yourself 1:18:57
06/13/2009 Part 3 - Empathy 1:23:11
06/13/2009 Part 4 - Two Wolves in the Heart 56:53
2009 IMCW Spring Weeklong Retreat at Sevenoaks, VA
Evening Dharma Talks:
05/05/2009 Freedom from Trance
We live in the story of being a separate entity, and often, with the felt sense that something is wrong. This talk investigates the genesis of this trance, and the awakening that is possible when our thoughts, feelings and sense of presence itself are recognized by awareness.
  2008 IMCW Spring Weeklong Retreat at Sevenoaks, VA
Evening Dharma Talks:
05/03/2008 The R-A-I-N- of Compassion 57:36
05/06/2008 True Refuge 1:01:13
  2007 IMCW Spring Weeklong Retreat at Sevenoaks, VA
Evening Dharma Talks:
04/29/2007 Awakening Through Fear 1:02:48
05/02/2007 Realizing Who You Really Are 1:04:47