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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation and New to Meditation

Meditation Sacred Presence
Guided Meditation: Being Presence
Also enjoy: A Shared Prayer for Compassion and Peace – offered at end of...
Guided Meditation – “Compassion Practice – Tonglen”
Our deepest wisdom and purest actions arise out of open-hearted presence. This meditation is...
Meditation: Calling on the Beloved
Meditation: “Taking Refuge in the Beloved” (23:01 min)
Meditation on taking refuge in the beloved – calling on love as a resource.
Guided Forgiveness Practice (from fall 2013 IMCW retreat)
Instructions, then a guided forgiveness meditation.
Guided Meditation – “Guided Forgiveness Practice” (with instructions) (32:05 min.)
from the IMCW 2013 Fall retreat. Instructions included prior to practice.
Meditation: Vipassana (Insight or Mindfulness)
Meditation: Vipassana (Insight or Mindfulness) (19:43 min)
Tara Brach leads a Guided Vipassana (Insight or Mindfulness) Meditation.