Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation and New to Meditation

Guided Forgiveness Meditation Happiness
Metta Meditation – Happiness (26:29 min)
Metta Meditation – Happiness (Lovingkindness Practice) – (same afternoon as Meditation: Loving This Life...
Meditation: Loving This Life
Meditation: Loving This Life – Happiness (Lovingkindness Practice) (16:30 min)
Happiness and Loving this Life – Metta (Lovingkindness) Practice
Guided Meditation on Listening (26:26 min.)
This guided meditation was given as a prelude to the November 17th talk on...
Meditation: Living Presence - Smile
Smile Guided Meditation (25:29 min)
Living, Loving Presence – Awakening with a Smile This meditation relaxes and opens our...
Guided Meditation: Relaxing the Heart (23:04 min.)
Tara explores relaxing the heart as guided meditation.
Meditation – Resting in Awareness (29:18 min.)
Tara leads a meditation on resting in awareness.
Meditation (25:55 min.)
Enjoy the sounds of the intense rainstorm that ran through Bethesda that evening!