Book Release: Trusting the Gold - Wednesday Night Live Talk and Q/A with Tara Brach ~ Register Here! - Tara Brach
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Book Release: Trusting the Gold – Wednesday Night Live Talk and Q/A with Tara Brach ~ Register Here!

June 9, 2021 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm EDT

Trusting the Gold


The Buddha described the core of our suffering as not remembering who we really are. We leave home when we live in limiting stories that cover over our natural wisdom and armor our heart.

This event, offered both via Zoom platform and livestream, will look at the individual and societal roots of our self-doubt, mistrust and fear-based beliefs. We’ll then explore practices that awaken the loving awareness that is the source of all being.

Our time together will include a talk, meditation, guided reflection and time for inquiry and sharing.

Trusting the Gold will be released on 6/15 and is available at One More Page Books. Purchase your copy here!

Book Description ~ Trusting the Gold by Tara Brach

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a “trance of unworthiness”—filled with judgment about yourself and the others, or always feeling a sense of “not-enoughness”—you’re not alone. Yet I have seen time and again that we can learn to dissolve the layers of judgment and doubt to discover beneath them clarity, presence and love—which is the “gold” of our true essence.

Trusting the Gold

What helps us uncover that gold? How can we learn to trust the pure awareness and love, the basic goodness that is our very essence? AND HOW CAN WE LEARN TO SEE THIS SAME SACRED PRESENCE IN ALL BEINGS, ALL LIFE? These questions have shaped my spiritual path, and in Trusting the Gold I share my own challenges and discoveries in stories that I hope you’ll find meaningful on your own journey.

In the book, I invite you to explore this path through the lenses of Truth, Love and Freedom. We begin with learning to recognize the Truth of our experience, by opening to life, just as it is. Then we discover how to awaken our inherent capacity to meet this ever-changing life with Love. This unfolding of presence and love reveals the Freedom of our true nature.

“The gold of our true nature can never be tarnished. When we remember this basic goodness of our Being, we open to happiness, peace, and freedom.”

Tara Brach, Trusting the Gold

As we take this inner journey back to our true nature, we change the way we live, move and act in our lives. The more we learn to trust this loving presence as the truth of who we are, the more fully we can will call it forth in ourselves and in all those we touch.

**While the livestreamed session will be available to view on Facebook and YouTube, questions may only be submitted for the Q&A portion by those in the Zoom meeting (requires registration via eventbrite).

**This offering is supported by your generosity, and a sliding scale donation is required to attend the Zoom meeting. Please note that space is limited in the zoom meeting.

**I understand that this session will be recorded and may be used for future projects and that the event organizer retains all rights and permissions to use, distribute and promote these recordings.

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This event will be broadcast via livestream and recorded for later viewing.

Pre-Talk Mindful Movement

We have a mindful movement class before my talk for all who are interested.
When: Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm Eastern time (US and Canada)
You Must Register in advance for this meeting:

Mindful Dialogue Group

The group that has been meeting for years after my Wednesday night class have moved online. Over the past months, we’ve been joined by hundreds of people from all over the world. The goal of the discussion groups is to create a safe and intimate space for people to share what’s in their hearts without fear of judgment or contradiction.

The group starts right after my Wednesday night talk ends. If you’ve tried to join before but weren’t able to get in, please try again as we’ve increased capacity. The link for the group is below:

Post-Talk Mindful Dialogue Group (Open to All)

When: Each Wednesday right after Tara’s talk (around 8:45pm ET)
Join Zoom Meeting (No registration required):
Meeting ID: 924 1414 6331
Password: 388764

More information at: