The New York Times: A New Climate (In-Person & Virtual)

The New York Times: A New Climate (In-Person & Virtual)

The New York Times: A New Climate (In-Person & Virtual Event)
October 12, 2022 | San Francisco, CA

Technology has transformed our lives, but in spite of its many promises, it hasn't yet saved us from the perils of a warming climate. Shifts in society have often come from art, but will they be able to mobilize change this time around?

Join me in San Francisco at the nexus of innovation, cultural movements, and climate change, as we gather pioneers in technology, business, and the arts to examine our collective response to the climate challenge.

How are leading U.S. companies reducing emissions, mobilizing their workforces and perfecting climate friendly eating practices? How are writers, musicians and filmmakers inspiring different ways of thinking and doing? How are philanthropists and investors funding projects that will change the world?

See what happens when ideas and expertise from different disciplines collide and shine a light on the role we can all play in this increasingly urgent crisis.

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