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Satsang – Live Q&A with Tara Brach

online training

Satsang means exploring and realizing truth in the gathering of spiritual friends. The word comes from Sanskrit – “sat” means truth – and “sangha” is community or company of spiritual […]

Concern for All Beings: Tara Brach on Plant-Based Eating

online training

A vegetarian diet, while encouraged in most schools of Buddhism, isn’t a requirement of the Buddhist path. But as meditation teacher and author Tara Brach argues, there are powerful spiritual opportunities in embracing a plant-based diet.

Radical Self-Compassion: 6-Week Online Course

online training

Learn specific practices to cultivate compassion and develop a healing relationship with difficult emotions like shame, fear, and anger.

As you learn to nurture your own wounds with tender care, your compassionate heart will naturally extend to others.

The Power of Awareness: 7-Week Online Course

online training

  Course begins on April 19, 2023 The Power of Awareness with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield is a 7-week in-depth mindfulness training program created to help you take the […]

IMCW Second Sunday Dharma Series with Tara Brach & Jennifer Stanley

online training

As fear and instability in the outer world continue to grow, we often contract into self-protection mode, becoming increasingly divided from each other and ultimately from ourselves. Mistrust, blame, loneliness, and just not feeling at home in our own lives are symptoms of this sense of separation. Join us in conversation with Tara Brach as we discuss how to restore this connection, both inwardly and with our world.

Awakening Your Fearless Heart – 6-Week Online Course

online training

Awakening Your Fearless Heart is so much more than an online course, it's a life-changing experience. Explore teachings and practices that you can use right away to loosen the grip of deeply rooted patterns of insecurity and limiting beliefs.