Transforming Suffering with RAIN - Tara Brach

Transforming Suffering with RAIN

Transforming Suffering with RAIN

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Message from Tara: Welcome to “Transforming Suffering with RAIN”

Self-compassion is the beginning of all emotional and spiritual healing, and compassion for others is the medicine our world needs to move towards harmony and peace.

Tara Brach

This program introduces the RAIN meditation, the most powerful practice I know for healing our own hearts and bringing our full loving into the world.

While we each have the capacity for love and compassion, it is by intentional practice that we develop a truly wise and caring heart. Through this course you’ll learn a structured pathway for using the acronym RAIN (Recognize-Allow-Investigate-Nurture). Together, we’ll explore how the RAIN practice can help you:

Pause and come home to embodied presence
 Regard your inner life with friendliness and care
 Loosen the grip of chronic self-judgment
 Cultivate compassion for yourself and others
Alleviate the suffering from emotions like fear, shame and anger
Heal addictive and reactive patterns
Revitalize and transform your relationships

As you learn how to use this simple technique to undo emotional tangles, you will begin to experience the healing and spiritual freedom that becomes possible when we contact the vulnerability within ourselves and others, and respond with a loving heart.

I hope you will enjoy!


PS: Before you enroll, you can preview the Frequently Asked Questions which includes the course outline and 5 minutes from the first session.

Transforming Suffering with RAIN

What is the course format for Transforming Suffering with RAIN?

This is an on demand, self-paced course. You can start any time and go at your own pace.
The course is comprised of 4 modules with 2 video sessions of 10–35 minutes each (all are closed captioned)
Sessions include guided practices
Practice sessions offered after each module include a guided meditation and journaling exercises.
Bonus materials and resources for further study

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