Finding True Refuge

Listen to teachers, leaders, new and experienced students share how meditation practice has helped to heal and awaken their hearts. As they reveal their stories in video interviews, discover what inspired them to begin meditating, as well as what has most helped them find peace and freedom in the midst of life’s difficulties.

Eric Kolvig

Eric came to meditation because he was on a "death trajectory." Suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder and depression, there had been hospitalizations, electric...

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Jonathan Foust tells a compelling story

Jonathan tells a compelling story of being on a month long silent retreat, getting horrible pain in his back that no yoga, deep relaxation or visualizations would resolve. Only...

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Tara Brach shares an emotional story

Tara Brach shares an emotional story how meditation helps her find peace and refuge every day as she learns to live with a genetic disease that affects her mobility. She tells a...

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Congressman Tim Ryan

Congressman Tim Ryan, guest speaker for IMCW, thinks he's a little bit "nicer" since he started meditating. He found the courage to "come out" and share with the world how...

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Jesse Had a Heart Transplant…

Jesse had a heart transplant last year and learned the real meaning of true refuge lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life. After a night of soul searching, he asked his...

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For a long time, Phyllis wore a mask

For a long time, Phyllis wore a mask behind which she suffered in silence. Meditation allowed her to "come home" to herself - to "just be," without having to act out or to please...

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Janet has been meditating

Janet has been meditating and on her spiritual path for many years. During this FTR, Janet shares the story of her mother's death and how meditation helped her be present with...

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Andres says his practice

Andres says his practice has become a "true refuge" because it has become a time of the day when he can "plunge into an ocean of peace and clarity." Andres was involved in an...

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