Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I navigate the course?

  • Use the navigation menu at the left of your screen on a desktop computer. On a mobile device, click the three-bar icon or black box on the very top left of the screen.
  • After purchase, start course at:
  • If enrolled and see a “Not Enrolled” message, then you need to LOG-IN.
  • LOG-IN (or LOG-OUT) here “Course Log-in” link or on the website navigation menu.
  • To LOG-IN, use your email or username. If not sent a password, select “Lost Your Password?” Follow instructions, then receive an email with a link to obtain new password. Once complete, receive a link to your course and be logged in.
  • If unable to change password or start class, please email for assistance.
  • When logged in, use “Course Dashboard” link in the menu bar to access your courses.
  • You must MARK COMPLETE at the end of each session INCLUDING THE FAQ before you can move forward.
  • Use the navigation menu at left to revisit previously completed lessons.
  • Sessions must be completed in sequence from 1 to 10.
  • “% Complete” tracks your course progress.
  • Sessions comprise content of the course.
  • Email for help with navigation, password, email, user-id, etc.

How many lessons are contained within Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher?

  • 10 audio lessons of 10–15 minutes each.

What are the sessions within this course?

  • Exploring the Path
  • Exploring the Heart of What We Teach
  • What are the Qualities of a Good Mindfulness Meditation Teacher?
  • What Background Do I Need for Teaching?
  • What Challenges Might I Encounter as a Mindfulness Teacher?
  • How do I Respond to Students Facing Intense Difficulties?
  • The Transformational Potential of Mindfulness
  • Where and Who Will I Teach?
  • What is the Best Teacher Training for Me?
  • Healing Our World

How many lessons will be available immediately after purchase?

  • The Introduction and Lessons 1 are available when you select “view course outline” from the course list.
  • Remaining lessons will unlock once you enroll and as you complete each lesson.

How many lessons can I listen to (unlock) per day?

  • Lessons will unlock once you complete the previous lesson. There is no restriction on how many lessons you can listen to (unlock) per day.
  • Due to the progression of the program, the lessons must be completed in sequence from 1–10.
  • Each lesson builds on the previous one, allowing your practice to deepen every day.

Does this course expire?

  • You will retain access indefinitely – we plan to keep the course available as long as we possibly can.

Still have questions? We want to help! Please contact us: