Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher - Tara Brach

Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Mindfulness Daily - Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

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with: Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

Students often share how profoundly mindfulness and self-compassion is transforming their lives and then they ask: What is the pathway to becoming a teacher myself? I love this path I want to share it.

Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher is a guide for those who might feel drawn to bringing the power of mindfulness and compassion practices to others. In this course, Tara is joined by Jack Kornfield to discuss the major considerations when approaching the role of teaching.

Through these 10 sessions, you will learn about:

• different motivations that draw people to teaching,
• personal qualities that contribute to being a good teacher,
• ways to prepare for being a teacher,
• challenges of teaching,
• what mindfulness and compassion teachers actually teach,
• ways to address the deep sufferings our students bring to us,
• elements that make up a good teacher training,
• how to evaluate training programs and determine the right match for you.
• ever-increasing opportunities for teaching in a world that so needs mindfulness and compassion everywhere.

In this program, Tara and Jack draw from decades of experience in teaching and training others to teach. You’ll hear inspiring stories, examples and reflections that allow you to use this program as a dynamic warm-up, as a first step on the path to becoming a teacher.