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Happiness Is Possible: De-conditioning the Negativity Bias – Part 2

There is an inner freedom that expresses as happiness and peace, and it is accessible when we arrive in openhearted presence. As the Buddha said, “If it were not possible to find liberation, I would not teach about it.” In this two part talk, we will look at the conditioning that blocks happiness and two primary pathways of practice that evolve our consciousness and free our hearts.

“We rarely pause when we see something that’s delicious or beautiful or that brings up wonder. We barely pause and just take it in. We really don’t pause much, which is really the essence of savoring…”

Watch a short clip from the video: Tara Talks: Reflection – The Practice of Savoring As a Gateway to Happiness (5:53 min.)

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Stress and Everyday Nirvana – Part 2

Our habitual view of stress is that it is a bad thing, an obstacle to healthy living and spiritual realization. These two talks look at how our way of relating to stress determines our happiness, and invites listeners to engage with practices that radically shift our response to stress and bring a healing and freeing evolution of consciousness.

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True Happiness: Realizing Well-Being

True Happiness: Realizing Well-Being –

  CC   ~ Well being is the deep contentment that arises from a relaxed, wakeful presence. This talk explores the beliefs and habits that contract us away from presence, and several key ways we can nourish our natural capacity for happiness.

“May all beings everywhere discover the true happiness that is their innate potential.
May all beings rest in that well-being-ness.
And may, from that presence, may there be peace, love and freedom.
May all beings awaken.
May all beings everywhere be free.

View or download the transcript (PDF) of “True Happiness: Realizing Well-Being”