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How to Meditate FAQ


“Stepping out of the busyness, stopping our endless pursuit of getting somewhere else, is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit.” ~ True Refuge (2013)



Basic Meditations
Brief Meditation
Brief Meditation: Arriving in Mindful Presence (1 min)

This brief meditation can support you in pausing and arriving again in the life that’s right here. photo: Shell...

Meditation: Opening and Calming (13 min. video)

This meditation guides us in collecting and quieting the mind with the breath, and then relaxing all effort, and...

Meditation: The RAIN of Self-Compassion (10:42 min)

This meditation is included at the end of the RAIN of Self-Compassion talk. This talk explores three key features...

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Ten-Minute Basic Meditation Practice (10:31 min)

Tara offers a short introductory meditation with a body scan, bringing focus to the breath, sounds, then resting in...

Mindfulness in the Body
Guided Meditation: Body Scan – Living Presence – 11 min.

A key pathway to full presence is awakening through the body. This meditation guides us through a body scan,...

Meditation: Loving This Life
Meditation – “Loving This Life – Happiness (Metta Practice)” (16:30 min)

Happiness and Loving this Life – Metta (Lovingkindness) Practice

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Meditation – In the Body (25:33 min)

This meditation guides us through a body scan, relaxing and receiving the play of sensations.

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Meditation – A Moment of Calm (10 min)

   (requires Adobe Flash) Link to view “A Moment of Calm”

Walking Meditation
Walking Meditation – Instructions (Audio and PDF) (6:19 min)

Meditation is a practice of presence that you can bring alive in all settings and activities. The formal training...

Guided Forgiveness Meditation
Guided Forgiveness Meditation (11:23 min)

NOTE: an excerpt from the end of the “A Forgiving Heart” talk on 2/26/2014. Includes a poem from Rumi...

Meditation: Calling on the Beloved
Meditation: “Taking Refuge in the Beloved” (23:01 min)

Meditation on taking refuge in the beloved – calling on love as a resource.