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“Students new to meditation often mention the value of learning to focus and settle the mind, but they also name something more basic. As one person put it recently, ‘Just having those moments to be quiet is a gift to my soul.’ It is a gift to the soul. Stepping out of the busyness, stopping our endless pursuit of getting somewhere else, is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit.” ~ True Refuge (2013)



Tara Talks: Why Meditate? from Tara Brach on Vimeo.

2-Part Series: Basic Elements of Meditation Practice

This two-part series offers a clear and fresh understanding of practices that cultivate mindful awareness. The first class examines our attitude towards practice and gives guidance on posture, establishing an anchor for attention, and learning to concentrate and collect the mind – “coming back.” The second class focuses on the practice of mindfulness – “being here,” and the component qualities of clear recognition and an allowing non-judgmental presence.

Part 1 – Basic Elements of Meditation Practice

Part 2 – Basic Elements of Meditation Practice

4-Part Series: Introduction to Meditation

Tara explored the art and science of Buddhist mindfulness and heart meditations. The series was designed to benefit new students as well as experienced practitioners who want to refresh their understanding of the core teachings and principles in meditative practice.

Part 1 – The Art and Science of Meditation – Introductory Series

Part 2 – Mindfulness of Emotions – Introductory Series

Part 3 – Mindfulness of Thoughts – Introductory Series

Part 4 – Living From Presence – Introductory Series

Basic Meditations
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Meditation – A Moment of Calm (10 min)

   (requires Adobe Flash) Link to view “A Moment of Calm”

Walking meditation instructions
Walking Meditation – Instructions (PDF)

View Walking Meditation – Full Instructions (PDF) Meditation is a practice of presence that you can bring alive in...

Walking meditation instructions
Walking Meditation – Instructions (audio) (6:19)

  Tara gives brief (6 minute) walking and standing meditation instructions. LINK to written instructions in PDF.