Establishing a Meditation Practice

Just like physical exercise, we need to train our heart and mind if we are to experience true wellbeing. The key is regularity, aiming to carve out a pause for meditation each day. You’ll find that this is doable and gratifying with the following supports:

  • Remember that you don’t need to make your practice session long—even 5-20 minutes a day can change your life.
  • Meditation practice can take many forms; find out what best fits you in this season of your life. You can practice while lying down, sitting, standing or walking; and there are different styles of meditation including mindfulness, loving kindness, and concentration on the breath.
  • Attitude is everything: Rather than adding another “should” to your list, choose to practice because you care about connecting with your innate capacity for love, clarity and inner peace. Let this sincerity be the atmosphere that nurtures whatever form your practice takes.
  • If possible, try to join with others for a weekly meditation sitting, or if not weekly, at whatever interval works. The support of others is invaluable in energizing and deepening practice, and feeling your belonging to a larger community of practitioners.

Resources to assist in establishing a meditation practice:

Talks for Establishing a Meditation Practice

Meditations for Establishing a Meditation Practice

Other Resources for Establishing a Meditation Practice

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