Meditation and Support in the Metro DC-VA-MD Area:

Insight Meditation Community of Washington (classes, daylongs and residential retreats)

Year of Living Mindfully (with Jonathan Foust)

Mindfulness-Based Practitioners in the Metro-DC & Baltimore area: (For those interested in finding a therapist or practitioner who practices mindfulness-based therapy, contemplative psychotherapy, or teaches mindfulness and meditation consistent with Buddhist teachings.)

IMCW Mentoring Program

IMCW Teacher Interviews

Residential Retreats:

Bhavana Society, Forest Monastery and Retreat Center, West Virginia

Insight Meditation Society, Forest Refuge and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre, MA

Southern Dharma Meditation Center, Hot Springs, NC

Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Marin County, CA

Mindfulness in Education:

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme): Transformative Retreats & Programs for Teens, Parents & Professionals

MINDS: A non-profit dedicated to making DC-area schools more conscious and compassionate learning environments by teaching mindfulness-based practices to students, educators, and parents.

Audio Dharma Resources:

Dharma Seed Library, the Archival Center of Western Buddhist Vipassana Teachings, offers online streaming audio or downloading capacity to the teachings of the Buddha.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society

Insight Meditation Community, Redwood City, CA

Other Websites of Interest:

Telesangha – a daily meditation and mindfulness program

Insight Timer – meditate with people from all over the world!

“Access to Insight” Website, Readings in Theravada Buddhism.

BuddhaNet, Buddhist Education and Information Network

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

“Inquiring Mind” – Buddhist Journal with a national listing of retreats and sitting groups