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Authentic Thanks Giving

CC ~ How do we awaken our natural capacities for gratitude and generosity? This talk explores the pathways of honest presence and purposeful cultivation, and offers several  reflections that guide us in contacting and expressing our love.

On cold evenings
my grandmother,
with ownership of half her mind-
the other half having flown back to Bohemia –

spread newspapers over the porch floor
so, she said, the garden ants could crawl beneath,
as under a blanket, and keep warm,

and what shall I wish for, for myself,
but, being so struck by the lightning of years,
to be like her with what is left, that loving.

Mary Oliver, “In Praise of Craziness, of a Certain Kind”


Tara Talks – Reflection: Installing a Beneficial Mind-State (6:53 min.)

What state of heart or mind do you wish you could experience more regularly? Is it peace? Gratitude? Love? You can apply your meditation to transform passing states into enduring traits.

In this short video, Tara will guide you in a practice to rewire your brain, body and mind for increased access to full loving. You can apply this same process to any innate capacity you want to cultivate.

Listen: Reflection: Cultivating a Loving Heart (7:10 min.)

For Tara’s full talk, go to: True Resilience – Part 2: Awakening through All Circumstances

A Grateful, Giving, Happy Heart

Gratitude is like breathing in – letting ourselves be touched by the goodness in others and in our world. Generosity is like breathing out – sensing our mutual belonging and offering our care. When we are awake and whole, breathing in and out happens naturally. But these beautiful expressions of our heart become blocked when we are dominated by the fear and grasping of our survival brain. This talk explores how we can facilitate the evolution of consciousness with the deliberate cultivation of generosity, and ends with a guided meditation on gratitude and generosity.

For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! … the least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a whisper, an eye glance-little maketh up the best happiness. Be still.

~ Nietzche ~

from earlier that evening ~ Meditation: Relax into Happiness


Feeling Gratitude, Giving Love

Like breathing in and breathing out, gratitude and generosity allow us to live fully. This talks explores what blocks these natural capacities, and three pathways of nourishing a grateful and giving heart. Includes the “What Do You Love” meditation.


The Evolving of Generosity

This talk explores how we can open out of the habit of grasping and deliberately nourish our natural capacity for generosity, for living love.


Gratitude & Generosity: Markings of Inner Freedom

Those who are genuinely happy, are also naturally grateful for life and generous in living. This Thanksgiving Eve talk explores key ways we block the arising of gratitude and generosity, and practices of mindful presence and direct cultivation that awaken these expressions of the liberated heart.


Loving Life: Gratitude and Generosity

Love is innate, and blossoms as we intentionally cultivate it. This talk on two natural expressions of loving life — gratitude and generosity — includes several guided reflections that awaken the heart.


Gratitude and Generosity

While we value gratitude and generosity, our daily life can often have an undercurrent of complaint and an anxious kind of self-centeredness. This Thanksgiving Eve talk explores teachings and practices that reconnect us with the sense of wonder and abundance that characterizes our own awakened heart.


Thanksgiving – Living the Life Fully: Gratitude & Generosity

While generosity and gratitude are natural capacities, our conditioning to want life different can often keep us from living from a free and open heart. This talk explores three gateways to awakening and expressing love in our daily life.