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Heart to Heart: A Conversation Between Dan Gottlieb and Tara Brach

Dec 16, 2020

Heart-to-Heart A Conversation between Dan Gottlieb and Tara Brach: Pain, Loneliness, Gratitude & Whatever Else Comes Up – Including Love

This very real and human interchange touches on pain, loss, love, gratitude and much more.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb is a psychologist author, speaker, and radio host. He calls himself a “teacher of kindness.”

The essence of Dan’s philosophy can be found on his business card. After his name there are no degrees and no fancy titles. His card simply says “Daniel Gottlieb. Human.” Through personal and professional experience, Dan has learned that our greatest suffering is alienation and loneliness. That is these powerful emotions can produce prejudice, hatred, violence, withdrawal and depression. He has learned that all humans long for human contact, compassion and understanding. And without compassion, our spirits wither. When asked to summarize his life’s work, he says simply: “I teach kindness.”


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