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Finding True Refuge
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Audio Teaching Talks:
Library 2007

The talks below are freely available. All files are in .mp3 format - you can play them on your computer, iPod, or other .mp3 player. To download, right-click (or Control-click on the Mac) and select "Save As" or "Save Target As."

All talks below occurred Wednesday nights at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bethesda, MD at 7:30pm.

Date Title Length
12/19/2007 Meditation 18:50
  The True Revolution
In Buddhism, lovingkindness is considered a divine abode, our true home. This talk explores how we can recognize the mask that covers insecurity, inhabit our essential goodness of Being, and let ourselves touch and be touched by love. This awakening into wholeheartedness is the true revolution.
12/12/2007 Meditation 24:48
  The Path of Transformation
This talk investigates three core themes on the path of spiritual awakening: forgiveness, inner fire or aspiration, and the awareness of what we are...awareness itself. These living currents on the path are explored through an ancient Indian teaching story and guided reflections.
11/21/2007 Meditation 23:15
  Gratitude and Generosity
When we feel grateful, there is a sense of homecoming. We are connected with what we cherish, and in that abundance, our natural response is generosity. This talk explores two pathways that directly give rise to gratitude and generosity: full presence, and the intentional remembrance of what we love.
11/14/2007 Meditation 23:50
  Lovingkindness: Living with a Wise Heart
The Buddha taught that our fear is great, but greater yet is the truth of our connectedness. These two talks examine the often unconscious habits that generate the pain of separation, and the practices that allow us to realize and live from an awake heart.
10/31/2007 Meditation 26:43
  Stress, Presence and Freedom
We are designed to respond to stress with flight/fight/freeze and this can proliferate and then harden into our ongoing response to life. The practice of presence, of recognizing and relaxing with what is arising, can cut through this conditioning and gift us with the realization of our true nature and the capacity to love fully.
10/17/2007 Meditation 25:57
  The Three Refuges - 2 56:48
10/10/2007 Meditation 20:52
  The Three Refuges - 1
In Buddhism there are three, interdependent gateways to freedom. Called refuges, they are the expressions of truth that carry us home to the essence of what we are. These two talks investigate the way we take "false refuge"--habitual ways of trying to control experience--and the profound happiness and peace in discovering true refuge.
10/03/2007 Meditation 24:23
  The Path of Peace
09/26/2007 Meditation 29:21
  The Gift of Silence
Through all spiritual traditions, there is a valuing of silence and stillness. When the mind has quieted, it becomes possible to see into the truth of what we are. Yet quieting can turn into a battle with the process of the thinking mind. This talk explores practices that allow us to settle in a natural way, the presence which is silence itself, and the wisdom and love that flows freely when we live from that silence.
09/19/2007 Meditation 29:59
  The Joy of Conscious Relationships
We live in a relational field, and as we develop the capacity for presence with others, we discover the truth of our connectedness. This discovery is experienced as love, and gives rise to genuine happiness and inner freedom. This talk explores the teachings and practices that nourish conscious relationships.
09/05/2007 Meditation 28:03
  Pathways to Happiness
The Dalai Lama often begins his talks "Everyone wants to be Happy... Nobody wants to suffer." It's true, and yet sadly, our ways of pursuing happiness are often the very cause of suffering. This talk describes the shadow side of seeking happiness, and the practices of presence that lead to spiritual freedom and genuine happiness.
08/29/2007 Meditation 28:54
  Wise Effort - Cultivating and Engaged Presence
A wholehearted commitment to awakening is intrinsic to the spiritual path. Yet often this becomes a striving kind of effort that is generated out of the sense of a "doing self." This talk reflects on the grounds of wise effort: connecting to our deepest intention, and cultivating a genuinely allowing, engaged, presence.
08/22/2007 Meditation 29:07
  Touching Enlightenment with the Body
Our suffering arises from the unseen, unfelt parts of our experience- our unlived life. This rejected energy is stored in our bodies and prevents us from living wakefully and wholeheartedly. By bringing a courageous, mindful presence to bodily sensations our energies untangle and flow freely. Rather than a frightened resisting "self" we rediscover our full aliveness, connectedness and luminosity of Being.
08/15/2007 The Soul of the Whole
Our incessant inner dialog contracts us into the sense of a small limited self. The practices of presence - noticing and allowing our experience - awakens us from this limiting identity and allows us to realize the loving awareness that is our essence.
08/08/2007 Deprogramming the Story of Self
Our life experience is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and the underlying belief that "something is wrong with me." Meditation allows us to recognize and release the grip of the stories that confine our sense of wholeness, peace and inner freedom.
08/01/2007 The Art of Loving 59:40
07/25/2007 Healing with R.A.I.N. 58:24
06/27/2007 Genuine Devotion 56:10
06/13/2007 Realizing Our Basic Goodness - 2
Our greatest suffering is not realizing who we are. Identified with a sense of separate and deficient self, we forget the basic goodness of our heart and awareness. In this two part series we will explore the practices of presence that support us in awakening from the prison of trance, deepening our empathy and embodying the goodness that is our deepest nature.
05/30/2007 Realizing Our Basic Goodness - 1
Our greatest suffering is not realizing who we are. Identified with a sense of separate and deficient self, we forget the basic goodness of our heart and awareness. In this two part series we will explore the practices of presence that support us in awakening from the prison of trance, deepening our empathy and embodying the goodness that is our deepest nature.
05/23/2007 Resistance Is Futile - 2 53:49
05/09/2007 Resistance Is Futile - 1
Our basic suffering can be described as resistance-being at war with our experience. These two talks explore how, through letting go, we discover the love and awareness that is our natural awareness. The first talk emphases our capacity to relax and awaken through the body, and untangle the emotional energies that armor our heart. The second talk looks at how our thoughts and beliefs can imprison us in a sense of separation and limitation. We investigate the power of "not knowing" as a gateway to the truth and mystery of what we are. Both talks include guided meditations.
04/11/2007 The Two Wings of Freedom 53:05
04/04/2007 What You Long for is Already Here 48:39
03/28/2007 The Winds of Homecoming 51:55
03/14/2007 Compassion in Action 55:09
03/07/2007 Getting Unstuck 46:46
02/28/2007 Awakening from the Trance - 2 43:16
02/21/2007 Awakening from the Trance - 1 47:56
02/07/2007 Self-Forgiveness - 2 59:42
01/31/2007 Self-Forgiveness - 1 49:09
01/24/2007 The Path of Transformation 49:47
01/17/2007 The Art of Practice - 2 57:14
01/09/2007 The Art of Practice - 1 54:48
01/08/2007 The Three Refuges 1:01:33