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Resources on Forgiveness


Short Talk & Meditation: Forgiving and Freeing Our Hearts
Short Talk & Meditation: Forgiving and Freeing Our Hearts (36:53 min)

Forgiveness for others becomes possible when we’ve held our own being with great compassion. This short talk and guided...

Disarming our Hearts: Letting go of Blame
Disarming Our Hearts: Letting Go of Blame (retreat talk)

Anger, judgment and blame create separation—from our inner life and our world. Only by releasing chronic blame can we...

Forgiveness - Three Blessings in Spiritual Life - Part 1
Three Blessings in Spiritual Life – Part 1: Forgiveness

This 3-part series explores three capacities we all have, that when cultivated, bring spiritual awakening and serve the healing...

Forgiveness - Meditation - A Forgiving Heart
Instruction & Meditation: A Forgiving Heart (36:04 min) (retreat)

A forgiving heart clears the way for giving and receiving love freely.  This talk and meditation explores where we...

Instruction and Question-Response
Instruction and Question-Response during Retreat (9:44 min)

Topics include individualizing your meditation practice, working with the “tangles,” forgiveness practice, and using the “N-Nurturing” of RAIN. Given...

Meditation: Guided Heart Forgiveness
Meditation: Guided Heart Forgiveness (28:50 min)

Tara gives brief instructions on the forgiveness practice, then guides us through a process of forgiveness of ourselves and...

RAIN of Forgiveness
The RAIN of Forgiveness

The capacity to release the armoring of hatred and blame is intrinsic to our evolving consciousness.  This talk explores...

Releasing Self-Blame - Pathways to a Forgiving Heart
Releasing Self-Blame – Pathways to a Forgiving Heart

When we are stuck in blaming, disliking or hating ourselves, we are unable to love our world. This talk...

Tara Talks
Tara Talks: A Forgiving Heart (2:42 min. video)

What is the real process of forgiving when we’ve been hurt? This short talk focuses on the key element...

Heart Meditation: Forgiveness
Heart Meditation: Three Domains of Forgiveness (34:14 min)

…with instruction from the 2015 IMCW Women’s Retreat.

Three Blessings in Spiritual Life - part 3 - mirror
Three Liberating Gifts: Part 1 – Forgiveness

This 3 part series is based on a teaching story from the Upanishads that shows our potential to awaken...

Forgiveness - Guided Heart Practice
Retreat Meditation: Forgiving Ourselves and Others (32:56 min)

Instruction and guided heart forgiveness practice from the 2014 IMCW New Year’s Retreat.

Guided Forgiveness Meditation Happiness
Guided Forgiveness Meditation (11:23 min)

NOTE: an excerpt from the end of the “A Forgiving Heart” talk on 2/26/2014. Includes a poem from Rumi...

Forgiving Our Way to Freedom

Living with chronic blame or resentment is a trance that confines us to a limited fragment of what we...

Blog: Self-Forgiveness and Making Amends

We are deeply imprinted by the suffering we have caused others. This imprint is sometimes felt as shame, guilt,...

Reflection: Transformimg Suffering
A Forgiving Heart – Embracing Our Inner Life

Self-aggression, whether it's low key blame or deep condemnation, prevents us from intimacy with others and discovering the truth...