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Nature of Awareness

When Siddhartha (the Buddha) looked into his own mind, he realized the beauty, purity and goodness of his essential nature and was free. The most basic qualities of our being—openness/emptiness, wakefulness, and love—are always here. Getting to know these qualities, and learning to trust and live from them, is truly the heart of the path.  Gradually we realize that this awake, tender awareness is more who we are than any story we’ve been believing about ourselves. Rather than a human on a spiritual path, we are spirit– formless loving presence– discovering itself through a human incarnation. As we come to understand and trust this, our life fills with increasing grace.

For more on the Nature of Awareness, you might explore Radical Acceptance – Chapter 12, and True Refuge – Chapters 14 and 15.

Talks on the Nature of Awareness

Trusting Who We Are (retreat talk)

Trusting Who We Are (retreat talk)

When we are suffering, we are believing something untrue - usually a limiting story about who we are. This talk explores the roots of our self-doubts, and the teachings and...

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Trusting Who We Are (retreat talk)

Trusting Who We Are (retreat talk)

The sign of spiritual freedom is a deep trust in our essential nature, and in the light of awareness that lives through all beings.  This talk explores the conditioning that...

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Meditations on the Nature of Awareness


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