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Belonging to Each Other – Part 3 of 3

Oct 23, 2019

Mother Teresa writes that if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. These three talks explore the causes for severed belonging, and pathways to deepening the felt sense of belonging to our own body, heart and spirit, and to all beings. Together the talks offer a natural and powerful progression of lovingkindness or metta reflections, that when practiced regularly can open us to the peace, joy and freedom of trusting our mutual belonging.

“Whatever our habit is – whatever we practice – really does get stronger. The grooves get deeper. It takes a really deep reflection and commitment to practice something different.” ~ Tara

Everything… everything… every little thing is unique at its surface and indistinguishable at its core. I want to remember this today. The oneness… the oneness underlying our differences and the truth that we can never really be strangers, even if we never laid eyes on each other before. I want to remember this today. The oneness… the oneness…
~ Danna Faulds

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