Bodhichitta - The Awakened Heart - Part 1 - Tara Brach

Bodhichitta – The Awakened Heart – Part 1

Meditation: Living Presence - Smile

While the brightness and warmth of our hearts is always here, like the sun when blocked by clouds, our intrinsic love can be obscured. These two talks explore how we become arrested in a confining story of separate self, and how remembering love releases us from this trance. The first talk emphasizes inner pathways of freeing our heart and the second talk explores awakening bodhichitta actively in relating with each other.

“Exploring what allows the heart to wake up…”

“…being loved into being more who we are is a moment of blessing. What is a blessing? A blessing is a reminder or homecoming into more realness – more love. We’re blessed when we remember.”

Enjoy the heart meditation from the end of this talk: “Blessings of Love.”

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