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Radical Acceptance Guided Meditations

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These meditations are drawn from Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha. May these meditations support you on the path of arriving Here, of realizing and inhabiting the truth, mystery and goodness of what you are. ~ Tara Brach

  1. Vipassana (Mindfulness) Meditation — 15:04 minutes – As you learn to quiet your mind and bring a clear presence to whatever is arising, you’ll awaken an intrinsic understanding of the nature of reality.
  2. The Power of Yes — 13:06 – Learning to say Yes and truly accept our moment-to-moment experience is the portal to genuine awakening and freedom.
  3. Embracing Life with a Smile — 9:46 – Meditating with the image, feeling and spirit of a smile relaxes our conditioning towards “fight or flight,” and directly reconnects us with the spaciousness and love that is our very source.
  4. Radical Acceptance of Pain — 11:42 – As we learn to relax our resistance to unpleasant sensations, we discover an open and tender space of awareness that has room for living and dying.
  5. Tonglen/Transforming Suffering into Compassion — 19:55 – Linked to the flow of the breath, this practice trains you to open directly to suffering – your own and that of all beings – and offer relief and care. Through this process a natural and deep compassion awakens.
  6. Cultivating a Forgiving Heart — 19:47 – This forgiveness meditation is based on a powerful Buddhist practice that guides us in seeking forgiveness for harm we’ve caused, forgiving ourselves and finally forgiving those who have caused us injury.
  1. Invoking Loving Presence (a version of Tonglen) — 16:11 – This beautiful guided meditation helps us reach out to some expression of “the beloved” as we seek refuge in loving awareness.
  2. Coming Home to Natural Presence — 15:32 – This meditation helps us discover the vast silent awareness that is the essence of our being by simply relaxing back and noticing and allowing the life that is Here.
  3. Realizing Our True Nature — 12:14 – As an informal practice throughout the day, take a few moments when you remember to inquire, “Who am I.” You might look back into awareness to see who or what is experiencing, feeling, listening. Then let go and inhabit the wakefulness and openness that is already here. In time, the trance of a separate self will become increasingly apparent, and you’ll begin to realize the empty radiance of awareness that is your true home.
  4. Meditating with RAIN — 11:09 – This guided practice applies mindfulness and self-compassion to challenging emotions. It is based on the acronym RAIN, and provides a four step practice that is accessible and effective, even at those times when mindfulness is most difficult to remember.