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Fear of Aging: Finding Freedom in this Impermanent World – Part 2

Mar 31, 2021

While it’s natural to have fears of what’s ahead, when we learn to face the inevitability of change and loss without resistance, we discover true peace and freedom in the midst. In a very direct way, our awareness of impermanence awakens unconditional loving. These two talks explore the ways we habitually deny or resist reality, and the three interrelated pathways—refuge in the present moment, love and awareness—that liberate us.

“All major spiritual paths guide us to look at this truth of living and dying and the vulnerability that’s here and to discover that refuge, that formless loving nature that’s beyond. And it’s entirely natural to get caught up in habits of avoiding vulnerability and avoiding impermanence. And like the Buddha there is something in you that wants to open to reality, that knows you’ll never be at peace unless you open to reality, there’s something in you that wants to find that happiness and freedom in the midst.”

from the talk…

Listen to: Part 1: Fear of Aging: Finding Freedom in this Impermanent World

Part 2 is below:


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