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Fierce Self-Compassion – A conversation between Tara Brach and Kristin Neff

Jun 16, 2021

Kristin Neff is a pioneer in self-compassion research and a leader in bringing practices of self-compassion alive in our world. This conversation is on her latest book, Fierce Self-Compassion, which helps women awaken both receptive and active dimensions of compassion – tenderness and fierceness.

For more information and practices on Fierce Self-Compassion visit Kristin’s website link here!

“When fierce and tender compassion runs through our veins and flows inward as well as outward, we help both society and ourselves. Stumbling and falling down not only becomes an opportunity to learn and grow; it allows us to relate to others who also struggle, strengthening interconnection.”

Kristin Neff, Fierce Self-Compassion


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