Resources: Working with Grief and Loss

Grief And Loss

Resources for Grieving Loss ~

Grieving loss consciously is at the center of the spiritual path. It is soul work — healthy, cleansing, and intelligent. The process allows us to metabolize the pain of loss and continue living. It lets us open to love. By honoring what has passed away, we are free to embrace the life that is here.

Yet grief is so deeply painful, so hard to endure.

A question I am often asked is: How do I find refuge in the midst? What can help me move through the pain of separation?

Below are some resources we hope you’ll find helpful:

Talks on Working with Grief and Loss

Responding to Change with a Wise Heart

Responding to Change with a Wise Heart

An intrinsic part of spiritual life is facing the truth of impermanence. When we open to the changing flow without resistance, we naturally cherish this passing life, and realize...

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Other Resources: Working with Grief and Loss

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