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IntraConnected – Part 2: Conversation with Tara and Dan Siegel

Dec 21, 2022

IntraConnected – Part 2: Conversation with Tara and Dan Siegel – In this conversation, Tara interviews Dan about the themes in his new book, “IntraConnected.” They explore how our identity gets formed, and the profound healing and freedom that come with widening our sense of identity from me to what Dan terms “Mwe” (me plus we.)  The principles they touch on come from indigenous wisdom, the contemplative or wisdom traditions, neuroscience and quantum physics. 

Dan Siegel’s new book: IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity, and Belonging

NOTE: “Namaste and welcome. What follows is an interview I did with Dr. Dan Siegel. It focuses on his new book, “IntraConnected.” I had intended this to be a one-podcast session, but we got so into the content that it became too long, too full. So, I’m offering it to you in two parts. I want to say in advance that I learned a lot. I found a lot of inspiration in this conversation and I trust you will, as well. Enjoy!” ~ Tara

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