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Judgment, Acceptance and Freedom (Retreat Talk)

Nov 6, 2019

The boundary to what we accept is the boundary to our freedom. This talk explores the often unconscious ways we create separation by judging ourselves and others, and the key pathways of meditation practice that release the habit of blame and free our hearts.

Really honoring this life. Cherishing this life. Sensing who you are if there’s nothing wrong – truly nothing wrong.

Closing by sensing your prayer for yourself right now. What do you most wish? Letting go of any ideas or thoughts. Taking these last few moments to sense the heart-space that’s here. You might allow yourself to sense the shared heart space, that collective… who we are together… waking up together.

(This talk was given on Sunday evening, November 3, at the 2019 IMCW Fall Retreat in Reisterstown, MD.)


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