Learning to Respond, Not React (redux) - Tara Brach

Learning to Respond, Not React (redux)

Learning to Respond, Not React

When stressed, we often react with looping fear-thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause harm to ourselves and/or others. This talk offers three interrelated strategies that can serve us when we’re triggered by stress, and help us find our way back to our natural wisdom, empathy and wholeness of being. By de-conditioning habitual reactivity, we are increasingly able to respond to our life circumstances in ways that serve healing and awakening.

Three teachings:
“Please don’t believe your thoughts!”
“Please just pause and come back into presence!
“Please remember love!” …

Never under-estimate the power of your caring. With one small gesture you can change a person’s life. …

May we each discover this pathway of homecoming in a way that really allows us to trust our natural being. And may we live our days from this presence, from this loving.

Please enjoy this remastered audio and video version of one of Tara’s most popular talks, originally published on 09/02/2015.

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