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Listening to the Song – Part 1

Feb 22, 2017

Listening is more than a communications skill, it is a capacity that awakens our awareness. As we learn to listen inwardly, we begin to understand and care for the life that is here. And as we listen to others, that same intimacy emerges. In this two-part series we examine the blocks to listening and the practices that cultivate this essential domain of human potential. Our focus is both on the transformational power of listening in our personal lives, and also the necessity for deep listening if we are to bring healing to our wider society.

From the talk…

What are the qualities of heart and mind that are there when someone is really listening well?

Listening is the forerunner. If we don’t listen to the pain within and around us, we can’t respond.

We’ve got a really noisy society, and our minds get really noisy.

Listening is actually an evolutionary capacity. It’s a capacity that happens as we evolve our consciousness. And it involves a kind of inner quietness – a silence inside – letting go of that selfing where the thoughts keep circling. Respect that this is a process that requires training. It takes a lot of self-compassion, but intention is the beginning. Intention is what opens the door.

The beginning of listening to someone who is difficult is to listen inside to your reaction.

NOTE: In this talk, Tara asked listeners to submit questions for her to address during the next week’s talk. They did – and Tara incorporated her responses in Listening to the Song – Part 2. Thanks to everyone for the input.

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