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Meditation: Befriending Your Inner Life (16:11 min.)

Jul 10, 2019

This meditation establishes a gentle and caring presence through bringing the image and felt sense of a smile to various domains in the body. We then settle with the breath, and practice relaxing with whatever arises, letting life be just as it is. The underlying intention is to regard all experience with a clear, interested and friendly attention. The gift is a homecoming to our naturally loving presence.

… Aware of the sounds that are actually here. Perhaps sensing that smile in the eyes, the mouth, the heart, and reestablishing a friendly presence, relaxing with the breath, relaxing with the life that’s here. Letting everything be just as it is.

In these last minutes, you might explore a bit more what it means to meet the moment with a friendly quality of presence – a gentle clear attention, letting this life be just as it is, moment-to-moment.

~ Tara


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