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Meditation: Collecting, Unifying and Opening the Mind (21:31 min.)

Jan 30, 2019

Collecting, unifying and opening the mind, we begin with a listening attention, noticing sounds that are here. Relaxing open and letting sounds wash through. With the same receptivity to sounds, listen to and feel the aliveness of the body. Listening to the breath as if you’re listening to the voice of a quiet loved one – really close in, tender attention – and including the background sounds. Not pushing away anything – a very open and relaxed, receptive attention.

Sensing what’s actually happening in this moment – perhaps the sensations of the breath, the other sensations through the body, the play of light and dark in the eyes, sounds… Closing by sensing all in the foreground and in the background – that alert inner stillness, that light of awareness, that which is our deepest, formless nature.

Sensing the possibility of this presence shining through every cell, every part of your being, you might ask yourself:
Is it not true that the stillness I seek is already here?
Is it not true that the peace I seek is already here?
Is it not true that the happiness I seek is already here?
Is it not true that the love I seek is already here?

(a favorite from the archives)


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