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Meditation: Discovering Inner Space (27:40 min.)

Aug 28, 2019

By imagining the space inside the body, we discover the continuous space of awareness that is the source and essence of all aliveness. This meditation is adapted from Open Focus Meditations led by Les Fehmi, Ph.D. in The Open Focus Brain.

Tara was away this week, so we’re posting a special favorite from prior years. Here’s the ending:

… Can you imagine the space that extends beneath you through earth and beyond and beyond past the furthest stars?

Can you imagine the space that extends above you… upward and outward past the furthest stars?

Can you imagine this space that fills your body… in this infinite space that extends in all directions is continuous… one continuous space?

Can you imagine the experience of this one continuous space… space inside you, the infinite space around you as it’s experienced at the heart… continuous space at the heart?

Can you imagine that all beings when awake experience the same continuous heartspace… belong to the same continuous heartspace?

Can you imagine in the silence now just letting go and being that continuous heart space?


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