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Meditation: Awakening the Heart – Giving and Receiving Loving Blessings (10:59 min.)

Sep 12, 2019

Our hearts awaken as we express and receive love in an embodied, conscious way. This guided practice brings our attention to dear ones in our life, and explores how we discover deep communion through offering and letting in love.

NOTE: This meditation is a favorite from the archives – from the end of the talk, “Bodhichitta – The Awakened Heart – Part 2.

“To love someone is to learn the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.” Arne Garborg

To offer these blessings of love, to receive them, wakes up the radiance of our heart – Bodhichitta.
We close in simple way by feeling that field of loving presence, that heartspace that we all belong to that’s really the source of our beings.
May all beings everywhere realize their very nature as loving presence.
May all beings live from loving presence.
May all beings touch a great and natural peace.
May all beings awaken Bodhichitta and be free.



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