Meditation: Cultivating an Intimate Presence (24:24 min.) - Tara Brach

Meditation: Cultivating an Intimate Presence (24:24 min.)

Meditation: Cultivating an Intimate Presence

This guided meditation cultivates a relaxed, gentle presence with whatever expressions of life are arising in the moment. We begin by releasing and opening through the body, and then include all sensations, feelings and sounds in an intimate, allowing presence.

Feeling the aliveness and space in the heart region. Noticing and allowing life to be just as it is but with an intimate attention. …
Centering the movement of the breath in the foreground and also aware in the background of an alert inner stillness, the light of awareness, that which is aware, that presence which is our own awakening spirit. …
Bowing to and offering care to the life that’s right here. Bringing that same respect and tender heartedness to your world. Feeling the world in your heart. Offering whatever prayer resonates as we close this meditation.

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