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Guided Meditation: Opening to the Sea of Presence (20:07 min)

Dec 13, 2023

When our body and mind is relaxed, we become filled with a very awake, dynamic quality of presence. This meditation guides us in relaxing, opening our senses and resting in the vastness and inherent freedom of our own natural awareness.

From the meditation:

… You might feel the movement of the breath, like waves on the surface of the sea and in the background, that alert inner stillness, that vast presence. It’s really the subjective essence of what we are – formless presence…

You might notice where your attention is and if you’ve been off in the trance of thinking that kind of virtual reality, rather than judgment, just get interested, pausing. reopening the awareness to what is right here. Relaxing open and relaxing back…

Again feel this body breathing, relax if there are areas that have habitually re-tightened, re-contracted. Arriving again with your senses awake. Aware of the waves of sound and sensation, feelings, breath. Be aware of the background, this open sea of awareness…

So you can witness these changing waves, with a real quality of presence, of allowing and tenderness.

Photo: Donna Russo – Australia


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