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Meditation: Receiving Life in Open, Awake Awareness (19:59 min.)

Jan 17, 2024

This meditation awakens a receptive attention to the senses, starting with physical sensations and opening to sound. Then we sense how open awake awareness is receiving the moment to moment arising and passing life. In the final part of the practice, we explore how awake awareness is receiving the experience of our heart and offer blessings to our inner life and all living beings.

… Letting your practice be simple. Notice when the mind drifts into thoughts. Gently relax back, connect with the senses – what’s right here – sensations… aliveness… sound… Then relax back some more and sense the wakeful openness, the awareness that it’s all happening in. Resting in awareness. Discovering how awareness is experiencing moment-to-moment, this changing play of life.

~ Tara


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