Meditation: Relaxing into Awake Awareness (19:16 min.) - Tara Brach

Meditation: Relaxing into Awake Awareness (19:16 min.)

Meditation: Relaxing into Awake Awareness

We realize our true nature by relaxing back into what is always, already here. Starting by scanning and opening through the body, we explore resting in the awareness that includes sounds, sensations and all of life. The guidance is, when we recognize thoughts, to simply relax back, and allow life to be just as it is.

… Unhooking from thoughts and receiving whatever is right here with interest and friendliness. Aware of the sounds and sensations. Aware of witnessing the sounds and the sensations. Relaxing back and resting in awake awareness. Letting life be just as it is moment-to-moment.

These last few moments you might sense that you’re not meditating – awareness is meditating. Everything’s happening in the space of awareness. Awareness is aware of the changing sounds and sensations. Awareness is aware of the light of its own presence.

As a way of closing you might sense this awake awareness in the region of the heart. From that heartspace, sensing whatever prayer you would like to offer to yourself – whatever wish for your own well-being arises naturally. And from that heartspace you might sense your care holding all beings and sense your prayer for all of life.

In French: Se détendre dans une conscience éveillée

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