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Meditation: Relaxing with a Smile into Living Presence (15 min)

Jul 12, 2017

Meditation: Relaxing with a Smile into Living Presence (15 min) –

This meditation guides us to awaken to sensation using the image of a smile and scanning through the body. We then open to sound and to the entire changing flow of experience. When we connect with the changing flow of sensations, feelings and sounds, we also discover the formless awareness that is our Source… and home. We end with a prayer that includes our own being and all beings.

From the meditation closing:

Sometimes the inquiry, “Am I dreaming?” can help to clarify both the trance and the veils that we’re hiding behind and what’s actually here. “Am I dreaming?” Just to sense the thoughts, stories, commentary that keeps us one step removed from this vibrant mystery that’s right here. And then relax back again. Moment to moment – relaxing with the life that’s right here …this breath …these feelings …these sensations …this life.

In these last few minutes, you might ask yourself, “Can I let go just a little bit more?” Let go of the thoughts, the veils of stories. The tension in the body – let go, relax, and let this life live through you.

We close by bringing attention to the heart. Offering your heart, whatever blessing, saying, or wish most resonates in this moment.

Sense that this world, this life, is part of your heart.

Offering those around you, those close to you in your life, and all beings, your blessings.


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