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Meditation: Relaxing Back into Living Presence (18:55 min.)

Feb 13, 2019

When we are lost in thoughts our mind contracts, our body tightens and we disconnect from true openheartedness. The pathway home is through “relaxing back” and reopening our attention to our senses, relaxing through our body, and gently contacting the felt sense in our heart. By repeatedly relaxing back, we become increasingly familiar with the vibrancy, tenderness and openness of true presence.

“It’s from a relaxed presence that we can most feel the tenderness of our hearts.

Feel your heart right now. Let the breath be filled at the heart. Sense whatever blessing or wish you’d like to offer to your own heart… your own life right now – whatever most resonates at this moment.

Sensing how this heart space that’s here intrinsically includes all beings.

Feeling your prayer and your care reach out to all beings…”


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