Meditation: Yes to Our Moments (19:37 min.) - Tara Brach

Meditation: Yes to Our Moments (19:37 min.)

When we open without resistance to the changing flow of aliveness, we discover the formless presence that is our true home. This meditation guides us through a body scan and then opening to all sounds, sensations and emotions with the energetic allowing of “Yes.” We close with a poem by Danna Faulds, “White Dove.”

In the shared quiet, an
invitation arises like a
white dove lifting from
a limb and taking flight.
Come and live in truth.
Take your place in the
flow of grace. Draw
aside the veil you thought
would always separate
your heart from love.
All you ever longed for is
before you in this moment
if you dare draw in a
breath and whisper “Yes.”

Danna Faulds

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