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Nourishing Our Spirit in Times of Collective Fear

May 25, 2022

Nourishing Our Spirit in Times of Collective Fear – We are living with the threat of increasing, dramatic suffering around the globe. This talk looks at the direct ways our meditation practices, supported by findings of neuroscience, can help us find resilience and an open heart in the face of an uncertain and frightening future. It includes a number of short reflections and meditations.

Greetings friends…

I recorded Tonight’s talk before the killing of 19 children and two teachers in Texas yesterday. And since hearing, I’ve been trying to find words to wrap around this. And mostly, I find a wordless and deep sorrow.

I’m aware of how quickly and naturally the response to the horrible gun violence turns towards “what can we do”? And we have to act. I pray we act. And first, friends…may we truly pause…

May we pause for real moments to honor those lost – the countless dear ones, parents and children and beloveds that are left behind in mourning. In Texas…in Buffalo…the death, the killing of George Floyd.

May we pause.

We need the quietness and silence and stillness of a pause to really open…to feel and to honor what’s been lost, the precious lives that have been cut short.

May we pause.

And friends, may the pure force of our caring lead to actions that bridge divides and repair wounds and help heal the pain of those who are fearful and lonely and aggressive.

May our actions be actions of love that bring more consciousness and compassion and more healing to our planet.


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