The Path of Spiritual Surrender: Part 1 - Tara Brach

The Path of Spiritual Surrender: Part 1

The Path of Spiritual Surrender: Part 1

Cultivating a surrendering presence allows us to release the identity of a small, separate self, and open to the truth and fullness of who we are. These two talks explore misunderstandings about surrender (such as the fear that we will become passive or condone injustice) and the practices that create the grounds for surrender, emotional healing, transformational activism and spiritual freedom.

…As we close, you might sense to yourself that this is a life practice of learning to live. Surrender the thoughts and surrender into the feelings… and surrender into that larger loving space. And you can feel from your own intuitive wisdom that remembering your belonging to something larger IS a pathway to peace and to freedom. And just knowing that will keep calling you home over and over. ~ Tara

Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.
~ Rumi


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