Radical Compassion - Part 1 (retreat talk) - Tara Brach

Radical Compassion – Part 1 (retreat talk)

Radical Compassion - Part 1

Radical Compassion – Part 1 –

  CC   ~ Compassion is the medicine we most need as individuals and a species to heal suffering and free our spirits. The essence of compassion for ourselves and others – what I call Radical Compassion – has three key elements: it is an embodied experience (a felt sense of tenderness), it is inclusive all beings, and it naturally moves us to act from a caring heart. This two-part talk explores the alchemy of Radical Compassion and guides us in awakening this intrinsic expression of our evolutionary potential.

  • talk given on 4/30/2017 at the IMCW Spring Retreat

image: pexels.com

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