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How to Stop the War Against Yourself – A conversation with Tara Brach & Dan Harris

Feb 1, 2023

It’s possible to actually be addicted to self-criticism, especially as a way to keep yourself safe. But evidence shows that rather than safety, this pervasive habit in our society creates deep suffering. This conversation between Tara and Dan Harris dives into strategies to deal with your own self-hatred and cultivate a forgiving heart. (Note: This was initially created as an episode for 10% Happier Podcast)

In this episode:

  • Why Tara says self-hatred “divides us from our ourselves”
  • The benefits of learning the habit to stop kicking our own asses
  • Simple meditations to help us with self-forgiveness
  • Questions that can help us understand what really matters to us, and what we really want
  • The power of seeing the profundity in mundane experiences 
  • A refresher on a fan favorite meditation technique: RAIN
  • How to start trusting reality more than we believe the beliefs about ourselves
  • Forgiveness vs accountability

View this episode at the 10% Happier Podcast here:


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