Sheltering In Love - Part 4 - Tara Brach

Sheltering In Love – Part 4

Sheltering In Love - Part 4

During this time of pandemic, we need, more than ever, to feel our connectedness—true belonging with our own being, each other and all life.

These talks explore the bodhisattva path – practices of an awakening being dedicated to living from love. The invitation is to let this season of close-in and global suffering deepen our collective commitment to creating a more compassionate world. Part 4 explores how the difficult emotions we all face can become direct portals to an inner refuge of sacred space.

I want to believe I am looking 
Into the white fire of a great mystery.
That the light is everything—
that it is more than the sum
Of each flawed blossom rising and fading. And I do.

Mary Oliver, House of Light

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