Talks and Meditations from Retreats


Blue Buddha
Guided Heart Meditation – Forgiveness Practice (30:50 min)

(from the Fall IMCW Retreat at Reisterstown, MD)

Blue Buddha
Unconditional Love for the Life Within

(Retreat Talk - IMCW Fall Retreat at Reisterstown, MD) The tyranny of "should" prevents us from living and loving fully....

Blue Buddha
Remembering Love (retreat talk)

Tara taught at the IMCW spring retreat in Reisterstown, MD this week - below is her Monday evening talk....

Blue Buddha
Retreat Talk: Minting Gold – Embodying the Awakened Heart

Our core conditioning expresses as both a longing for love and the pain of not trusting we are loveable....

Blue Buddha
Retreat Talk: The Path of Transformation

Awakening arises out of presence with the changing ground of our lives. This talk explores three key gateways to...

Blue Buddha
Soul Retrieval – 9/24/2008

In many shamanistic cultures, it is believe that when a person is traumatized, the soul leaves the body as...