The Three Refuges – Gateways to Belonging and Freedom

The Three Refuges - Gateways to Belonging and Freedom

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We all need ways to guide our attention that allow us to find wisdom, love and freedom in the midst of our lives. This talk reviews three archetypal gateways—Buddha/awareness, Dharma/truth, and Sangha/loving community. Through teachings, guided meditations and a traditional refuge ritual, we engage together in bringing alive these pathways to healing and peace. (Note: Includes Refuges string tying ceremony and chanting the Refuges at end)

St. Teresa of Avila says, “Only at the shrine where all are welcome will God sing loud enough to be heard.”

Elizabeth Lesser writes: “My prayer to god every day: Remove the veils so I might see what is really happening here and not be intoxicated by my stories and my fears.”

Enjoy a Reflection on The Three Refuges

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