True Refuge

Guided Reflection: The Three Refuges

During the years of writing True Refuge, I was struggling with serious health issues. The teachings and practices addressed a key inquiry: In the face of inevitable change and loss – our bodies and minds, loved ones, our competence, our felt security – how do we awaken to the loving awareness that is our true home?

Now, three years after publication, this inquiry seems even more poignant. I’m remarkably better, and…it’s even more apparent that these lives are a brief flash, our moments are precious.

Please don’t wait. Don’t lose your life moments to self-judgments, blaming others, the trance of worrying and checking things off the list.

You have the capacity for expressing creativity and spontaneity, wisdom and care. You have the potential for living from love.  To manifest this requires intention, and the practices of open-hearted presence.

This is the message of True Refuge – available for the first time in paperback. My hope is that the stories and meditations will serve as a guide in finding emotional healing and spiritual freedom. And I’d be grateful if you passed this on to any friends who might benefit!

Sending loving blessings,