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Being Embodied: Gateway to Aliveness and Spirit – Part 1

May 26, 2021

All that we cherish—creativity, love, wisdom, realization—arises from an embodied presence. Yet as we know, the wounds and trauma of our society and individual lives leads toward dissociation. These two talks look at the challenges to awakening through our bodies, and the practices and teachings that guide us on the path. 

Experience the substance of the body and the world as made up of vibrating particles.
And these particles made up of even finer energy particles.
Drifting more deeply, feel into each particle as it condenses from infinity and dissolves back into it continuously.
Noticing this, breathe easily, with infinity dancing everywhere.

From the Radiance Sutra

Listen to Part 2: Being Embodied here.

Listen and watch Part 1 below:


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