War, Healing and Wisdom of the Heart – Live Online Event


War, Healing and the Wisdom of the Heart

Interview with Tara Brach led by Assaf Katz

Live Online Event

January 28, 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET/US

As the suffering continues to unfold in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, many are seeking a way to hold the enormity of pain in their hearts. While there are no formulas, there is a deep healing in gathering together to explore what is arising inside us, and to call on the wisdom of our hearts in responding—to our inner life, each other, our world.

Tovana Insight Meditation is sponsoring such a gathering, and I’m honored and delighted to be with whoever feels called to join us. We will share in a guided meditation, a conversation between Assaf Katz and Tara Brach, and have time for some questions from those who have gathered. We’ll close with meditation and prayer…dedicating our time to the growing of peace, justice, compassion and love in our world.

This event will be held via Zoom and space is limited. Registration is required to attend the Zoom meeting, and registered participants will be admitted on a first come/first serve basis. You may also view the event via livestream on facebook at this link.

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